Is technology giving you a competitive advantage?

Outsourced IT

We handle it all

Hassle free IT for organisations without an in-house IT department. Helpdesk support, a team of qualified engineers and a maintenance regime to keep IT working more of the time.

Internal IT

Helping internal IT

Our tools let internal IT departments automate much of the grunt work, freeing up time to work on projects. Advanced monitoring, plus the option to escalate jobs to us!


Business Strategy

Businesses need solutions that improve efficiency, reduce exposure to risk and allow for growth. Our wealth of experience means we can help you acheive your goals.

Having traditional infrastructure and applications in place is no longer a guarantee of having a competitive edge.

The vast majority of companies have not made any plans around the following:

  • how mobility and cloud based applications are changing their clients expectations and the competitive marketplace
  • how the collection of data and management in BigData applications could give the company intelligence to be ahead of the curve
  • how social networks and personal mobility have changed company culture, and how to leverage those changes to their advantage

There are trends under the surface about the changing role of sales, marketing, customer relationships, operations, finance, and production.