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We help business leaders make informed decisions by simplifying technology, to support their growth.


Businesses of all sizes need IT solutions that improve efficiency, reduce exposure to risk and allow for growth. Our unique 3PT® framework brings together People, Process, Purpose and Technology providing future-proofed business IT and tangible business benefits you can measure.


The 3PT® Framework

Implementing the 3PT® solution enables your organisation to optimise your people, processes and technology with control, planning and budget clarity.


We work closely with key members of your team helping us to understand and identify where your infrastructure can be enhanced.


Examining how your organisation functions end-to-end is critical to enhance productivity and reduce risk by adopting systemised & robust procedures.


We start by asking why? To understand who does what and why. Who needs access to which system? Understanding your purpose allows us to reduce risk and improve productivity.


We work hard to understand how you work; the processes and why they are used. This enables adapting technology ensuring a fast, smooth transition to any new way of working. With your people as part of the solution gains are rapidly achieved.

The 3PT® Solution

The solution focuses on three separate key deliverables;

3PT® Insight, 3PT® Advantage and 3PT® Security.

3PT® Insight

A tried and tested, systematic way of developing a deep understanding of the IT challenges facing your organisation.



3PT® Advantage

An ongoing holistic service to help organisations outperform their competitors by leveraging people and technology.



3PT® Security

Provides a structured approach to recognising the current security risks inherent within your organisation.



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