What is 3PT® ?

3PT® is a systematic best-practice approach enabling the identification of IT risk, efficiency and productivity opportunities.

The objective of 3PT® is to give clarity on the most applicable technology, skills and organisation needed to meet your business objectives, in the most effective way possible.

Using 3PT®, we can help you make informed decisions about how to manage your technology, which technology to invest in and the impact on your business


How does 3PT® work?

 People + Process + Purpose + Technology = 3PT®


People are your organisation's greatest asset, but also the biggest risk. We work closely with key members of your team including external providers, enabling them to share their insights, helping us to understand individual tasks and identifying areas where your business infrastructure can be enhanced.


Examining how your organisation functions from end to end is critical in identifying areas where improvements can be made. This is a rigorous approach aimed at enhancing productivity and reducing risk through the adoption of systemised and robust procedures.


We start by asking why? Seeking to understand who undertakes tasks in your organisation, and why. Do your team members need access to specific systems? How do they or your third-party providers access the systems. Is it because you’ve always done it that way? Understanding your purpose means we’re able to reduce risk and improve productivity.


We work hard to understand how the people in your organisation work, the processes they use and why they use them. This knowledge is used to ensure we can adapt technology to work within your existing organisation. Ensuring a faster and smoother transition to any new way of working. When your people are part of the solution gains and improvements are rapidly achieved.


What 3PT® means for your organisation

Implementing the 3PT® framework enables your organisation to optimise your people, processes and technology with control, planning and budget clarity. The framework focuses on three separate key deliverables; 3PT® Insight; 3PT® Advantage and 3PT® Security.


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