3PT® Insight

4 Step process to results

3PT® Insight is a tried and tested, systematic way of developing a deep understanding of the IT challenges facing your organisation. It enables us to detail how your current systems and processes operate and what needs to be done to enhance them. The result is a comprehensive set of fully budgeted, scheduled plans and implementation recommendations, designed to improve business systems productivity.




Using the 3PT® best practice approach and working with key stakeholders, we examine your current and future IT needs. This is done within the context of your vision for the business and any challenges facing the organisation currently.



This information gathering phase allows us to gain a much deeper understanding of your current organisation. Through a series of interviews and infrastructure audits, we gather the intelligence needed to provide a coherent plan.



From the intelligence gathered an evaluation of the most appropriate technology architecture for your current and future business needs can be made. This results in a comprehensive series of simple to understand plans unique to your organisation.


After review of our results, we will produce finalised documentation.  This will provide a detailed overview of your current technology, a proposed high-level technical architecture design, implementation proposals including budgets.

10 Hidden risks in IT

Are you sure your IT is a sure thing?

We all depend on IT. Given the stakes, it’s important our confidence is well placed. Are you sure the technology you rely upon is adequately protected? In our experience, nine out of ten companies have undetected vulnerabilities that could lead to data disaster.

This white paper will help you:

  • Identify the risks
  • Know what action to take
  • significantly reduce your chance of loss

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