What is the real key to productivity in your business?

There is a common belief among business professionals that technology is a key part of the future for successful companies and industries. Productivity and employee engagement are also vital to any company’s success, and emerging technologies are capitalising on these industry needs.

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UK Businesses have cut cyber-security budget by a third

Businesses in the UK have cut the amount of cash they are prepared to spend on cyber security despite the rise in global attacks this year.

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New GDPR advice line for SMEs

The ICO has launched a new dedicated advice line to help small organisations prepare for the new GDPR law which comes into place on the 25th May 2018.

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Poorly written code leaves banks at high risk

After researchers recently reviewed over 270 million lines of code in applications worldwide they discovered 1.3 million weaknesses which could allow hackers easy access to corporate systems.

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Four IT challenges facing small and medium businesses

Here are the four key IT challenges that businesses need to meet in terms of their IT provision, if they are going to increase productivity and decrease costs.

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Why the CIO role is vital for successful digital transformation

The Telegraph reported recently on a Gartner survey that asked Chief Executive Officers(CEOs) about their views on  the strategic future of their businesses . Half of those CEOs expected their industries to be subject to a digital transformation that would leave them either unrecognisable, or substantially transformed. This represents either a huge risk or an outstanding opportunity for businesses. Which it turns out to be, will very much depend on how prepared they are. Not surprisingly, CEOs were intending to work closely with their Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to stay in control of the digital transformation agenda. 

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Reap the benefits of professional IT support in Liverpool

Harnessing the expertise of a team of IT professionals has so many advantages for your company. Streamlining the way that you do business, enhancing you and your colleagues' productivity, and keeping all of your company's vital information secure are some of the key benefits that you can enjoy with professionally managed services for your IT infrastructure.

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How can a CIO benefit your business' productivity?

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Andrew Allen

Everyone knows what role in a company CEO stands for - but what about the CIO?

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'WannaCry' Cyber-Attack - All you need to know

Posted on May 15, 2017 by Jack Whisker

After Friday's major cyber-attack hit businesses and individuals worldwide, here is all you need to know.

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Password protection tips to make you more secure online

Posted on May 03, 2017 by Jack Whisker

Cyber security is of vital importance in the modern world and creating secure passwords is at the forefront of protecting your personal accounts. It's common knowledge that people still manage to use passwords such as ‘abc123’ and ‘password’ to protect laptops and computers with sensitive information available just by guessing the correct combination.

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