Our wealth of experience in both business and technology gives us a unique understanding and ability to help our clients make the changes that will enable them to achieve their business goals.

Large enterprises have a senior member of staff who oversees technology strategy, often known as a Chief Technology Officer, but SME’s often don’t. Would you be able to make better decisions for the future if you had a fuller understanding of how technology can be an enabler in your business. We provide a Virtual CTO service for a range of businesses, and we’d love to find out more about your business to understand how we could help you.

Our experienced team have helped many businesses in the North West put together a technology strategy which is aligned with their business goals, so they can make the right decisions about IT.  We can do this for you too.

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In the old days, you had a server, or servers in your office.  Now, you can have all the servers you need without owning any equipment, with all the services delivered by a third party.  Is this the right way to do it?

That depends on your business, your circumstances, your plans.  We’ve helped many organisations move to the cloud, but we’ve helped some move back from cloud to on-premises.  Hybrid, which is a mix of some services on-premises and some in the could might be the best option.

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Computers make things easier, right?  That’s the idea, but it doesn’t always work out in practice.  We love helping businesses reduce manual steps, and automating processes to increase staff productivity.

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IT can be expensive, and there are often unexpected costs.  After staff and premises, IT is often the largest budget item in a business.  When you’re properly informed, surprises are minimised.

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Wireless is easy.  You just need a couple of access points, and you’re away.  Hang on, the signal’s not very strong in the boardroom.  Guests to the business need to access the internet, but should they be able to see your servers?  How about banking and payments – they aren’t on the same network as the visitors, are they?

We understand networks.  We design them properly, to make sure they work, everywhere you need signal.  And we know what to mix, and what to keep separate.  If you take payments, you need to know about PCI-DSS, because not knowing can be very expensive.

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Finance have got an IT system.  Sales have got an IT system.  Operations have one too.  It’s great that finance can see what sales are working on, so they know what’s coming in, and what operations will need.  They can do that, can’t they?

Many business have several IT systems and applications which aren’t joined up.  Manual reporting and cross system data entry slows things down, and increases the chances of errors being made.

If you’d like your systems to talk to each other, talk to us.

If you’re tracking your sales activity with a spreadsheet, we can help. Would your sales team close more business if they all followed your proven sales process on every opportunity? If you could see what stage each opportunity is at, what kind of activity has been going on with both existing clients and new prospects, and every stage of the process, would you win more business?

We’ve helped many businesses implement a CRM, and because we understand how to use one ourselves, we’ll make sure yours delivers the results you expect. Get in touch to start a revolution.

Hackers are out there.  They want what you’ve got.  Some of them want your data – for commercial gain or to hold it ransom.  Some of them want to use your computers to attack another organisation.  Some of them want to steal the money in your bank account.  We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading security vendors, have a number of security-certified engineers, and can protect your most valuable assets.  But that’s not all.  We train our clients’ staff to be more cautious and better at spotting potentially dangerous content.  Belt and Braces.

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Things go wrong.  Of that, we can be certain.  Whether it’s hardware failure, malicious activity, user error or a fire, the cost of not having a good backup can be big.  We’ve helped a wide range of organisations protect themselves from the risks of data loss, and the chances are, we’ve got a solution that will meet your needs to.

Whether it’s a simple offsite copy, or a full disaster replication and offsite recovery solution, get in touch so we can protect you from disaster.

It used to be simple.  When you need to work, you go to the office.  Now though, you can work from anywhere, or at least that’s the theory.  We’ve helped all kinds of businesses become more flexible by helping them implement the kind of systems which allow their staff to be productive, wherever they are.  Working from anywhere is a reality.

We’d love to share what we’ve learned, and help you become more flexible at the same time.  Get in touch.