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The Problem of Their 'Other' Laptop

bring-your-own-device-problemsLove it or hate it, hybrid working is here to stay. 

As a nation, we’ve really embraced the changes forced upon us by the pandemic. Many businesses have become more flexible with a mixture of office-based workers, hybrid workers and fully remote workers.

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We had no idea that we could change so much, so quickly, did we? Work just doesn’t look the same as it did in 2019.

And because of that, cyber security in 2022 doesn’t look the same either. When you have people working away from your office you need to take additional security measures to keep your data safe.

Written by Adam Lewis

Adam's career in IT started in 1997 working in distribution. In 2005 he moved into SEO and e-commerce, more recently specialising in the Magento e-commerce platform. In 2020 he began to focus more on digital marketing and joined Aabyss to help with their growth.

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