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The Cloud is fantastic...

Posted by Andrew Allen | 10-Mar-2020 11:28:00

Working in the Cloud is superb. There are literally thousands of different platforms and operators of Cloud-based services to choose from; providing you with a reliable, adaptable and responsive working environment enabling you to work from anywhere in the world.

Wherever you decide to work, you have to consider your data protection, privacy and most importantly, backup. You could have the most advanced Cloud infrastructure, and you are still vulnerable to tomorrow’s more advanced cyber-attack.


Unfortunately, the Cloud cannot be your backup

As we’ve previously documented, the Cloud is an IT model that provides fantastic levels of freedom for the modern-day work environment. However, many mistakenly presume that by working from the Cloud and by no longer having their data stored on a local physical disk or server that they can see, their data is safeguarded and backed-up. This regrettably isn’t the case.

It’s a widespread misunderstanding that taking the single copy of your file data from that old office server and stockpiling that copy within OneDrive or Google Drive will alleviate all your backup troubles.

The use of popular Cloud services, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s Apps environment, offer only a single storage location for your data and do not backup your files as a standard procedure.


Should I start saving important data to a local disk?

We’re not announcing an urgency to step back in time and shift your working methods to old fashioned ones through fear of having numerous copies of your data.

In fact, physically duplicating files and storing copies in multiple locations will only produce a mess of a backup structure and possibly create conflicts.

From a backup point of view, working from the Cloud as a single location for your data should be handled with the same consideration of having a file server in the office. In-line with the best exercise of the ‘3-2-1 rule’, it’s crucial to run a professional backup service to duplicate that data to at least one (if not two!) alternate standalone locations.


What do you recommend we back up our data with?

There are trustworthy services obtainable that integrate directly into Cloud platforms, such as Office 365 and Google Apps. They will routinely backup all your file data (even emails) to an alternate encrypted Cloud-based storage location.

Your team will hugely benefit from the capability to continue to work as they always have, with peace of mind that should they suffer data loss, corruption or malfunction of the company’s chosen Cloud service, that data can be restored promptly.

We're Aabyss and we can better secure your all-important data

If you’re concerned about your backup and protecting your private data, we can help.

We’re Aabyss and we have years of experience in supporting businesses in the North West with cyber security, among many other technology challenges. Through our internationally recognised approach, we’ll get to know your business and create the most appropriate solution to meet your commercial and operational requirements.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss the challenges you face, please contact the team today to book your free discovery meeting.




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Written by Andrew Allen

My personal and business life. I am lucky to have supportive friends and family, and although I am competitive, I try to put others first. I am an active Rotarian, helping support local and international charities. As a former member of Mountain Rescue, I enjoy spending time with my family in the mountains. We regularly travel to experience new cultures and cuisine; I’m a bit of a foodie! In my day job as Chief Executive, I am responsible for ensuring we stay true to our purpose and values. In a strategic capacity, I am also responsible for developing relationships with key partners and major accounts. I love working with ambitious, growing companies who want to challenge themselves and the status quo. Technology, when properly leveraged, can help an organisation differentiate and beat their competition. It's a real joy to make a difference.

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