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Data Breaches are destroying our businesses

Posted by Andrew Allen | 29-Jan-2020 14:30:24

Everyone should be aware of the fact that data breaches are serious. It’s not because these firms did not have an appropriate protection system in place that they went under, it’s because they were not prepared to deal with it to begin with.

Data Breaches can happen to any business despite all the security measures taken place. Those hackers work just as hard as you, evolving and mastering the capabilities of breaking into your system. But there are quite a few ways to recuperate from a data breach and show anyone who tries to enter your system that you’re not one to mess with.

Let’s start with what you can do to ensure a successful recovery before the breach even happens.


Precautions to carry out in the chance of a breach…

  • Pinpoint all the IT assets you possess.

Know what's on your own network. Using a distinctive asset id will help you segregate the attacked system in case of a breach.

  • Apply an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to your network.

IDS will assist you in taking down potential threats and also help in detecting the attack pattern thereby diminishing damage.

  • Have an Incident Response Plan (IRP).

You don't want anxiety to set in when you have discovered a data breach. Have a backup plan ready that assigns roles and assignments so that recovery actions will be taken properly and quickly.

  • Backup all your data effectively.

This is straightforward but is undoubtedly the most effective step to be taken to dismiss data loss or corruption. Don't let those ransomware hackers get the better of you.

  • Perform repeated penetrative tests.

Carry out many penetrative tests to figure out any vulnerabilities in your security systems. Instruct employees on potential attacks and create awareness of attacks like phishing and different types of malware.


After a Breach has taken place…

Now it's time to move on to what you can do after a breach to help you get back on track with ease.

  • Evaluate the damage

Establish how much and what you have lost in the aftermath of the breach. The moment you realise you have been attacked; you should immediately look into the overall scale of impact. Figure out what systems were assaulted and which databases have been breached. Asset ids and distinctive authentications should assist you with that.

  • Contain the impact area to a minimum

Quarantine the attacked system from the network so that no more of your systems get affected. Deactivate the logins and credentials used by the attacker to breach. Basically, give the attacker no more opportunities to keep poking you.

  • Scrutinise the attack patterns

This will prevent the attacker from placing any further attacks on your business. You want to know and understand how your state of-the-art security systems were finally cracked down… Studying the attack will give you more understandings into bolstering your security.

  • Report the breach to all parties whom are involved

Make the breach well-known to the people who were affected by it. You need them to be more cautious and mindful of the risks involved. Even the law requires you to do so as it is your obligation to make any security breach known to the stakeholders involved.

  • Renovate your security procedures

Completely change your security systems with new and updated ones that can further tolerate comparable attacks. Address your susceptibilities and take proactive solutions into practice to avoid future incidents.

Make use of your Business Continuity (BC) and recovery plans to restore your systems to full-functionality.

  • Make sure you’re prepared for future attacks

Keep an eye out for any probable attacks in the future. You’ve been broken once already; they’ll try you again.

Preserve security measures with the same vigour since the day you establish them. Make sure everyone in the business is limited to the cause as well. As they say, a chain is only as solid as its weakest link.

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Written by Andrew Allen

My personal and business life. I am lucky to have supportive friends and family, and although I am competitive, I try to put others first. I am an active Rotarian, helping support local and international charities. As a former member of Mountain Rescue, I enjoy spending time with my family in the mountains. We regularly travel to experience new cultures and cuisine; I’m a bit of a foodie! In my day job as Chief Executive, I am responsible for ensuring we stay true to our purpose and values. In a strategic capacity, I am also responsible for developing relationships with key partners and major accounts. I love working with ambitious, growing companies who want to challenge themselves and the status quo. Technology, when properly leveraged, can help an organisation differentiate and beat their competition. It's a real joy to make a difference.

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