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Do your remote staff have full office functionality?

Posted by Adam Lewis | 18-Jun-2021 16:11:50

There has been a large increase in remote working recently. Many employers have had to adjust rapidly to a new way of working with large numbers of traditionally office bound staff being despatched to an underequipped home office.

Since the increase in remote working we have noticed frustration creeping in with certain aspects of this shift away from the fully equipped office. One of the main frustrations is no longer having the full functionality of the company phone system.

Many employees have been provided with company mobile phones to facilitate their new remote work life, so where's the problem? you may ask. The problem appears when you need to transfer a call to another staff member or department. While that may seem a simple or unimportant task it isn't until you lose the functionality that you begin to appreciate it.

The transfer of a phone call was a simple button press on your office desk phone, it has now become an administrative burden of message taking, additional phone calls to pass on the message and then a return call to the original caller who may no longer be available. This is as frustrating for the people calling your business as it is for your staff who now have archaic receptionist duties added to their remit.


Give your staff the agility to perform from anywhere, on any device


Young happy businesswoman talking on the phone and writing notes in office

This problem can be resolved by using a telephone technology known as Voice Over IP or VoIP for short. It can offer all of the functionality of your traditional office phone system but it can achieve this from anywhere. Whether that is in the office, for home workers, mobile staff based in the field or even staff overseas.

At Aabyss we offer VoIP as part of our overall package of IT infrastructure and support. We simplify the technology to allow you to focus on your priorities. This is just one small example of working within our 3PT® framework to improve efficiency, reduce exposure to risk and allow for growth.

For further information please download the white paper VoIP Mystery Solved for SMBs or get in touch




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Written by Adam Lewis

Adam's career in IT started in 1997 working in distribution. In 2005 he moved into SEO and e-commerce, more recently specialising in the Magento e-commerce platform. In 2020 he began to focus more on digital marketing and joined Aabyss to help with their growth.

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