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Is your IT spend an investment or an expense?

Posted by Adam Lewis | 17-Mar-2022 14:28:39

Before you can measure success you must first identify what it is you are measuring. In this guide we offer a general list as a starting point covering 7 major KPIs to consider. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there will be many KPIs which are specific to your business or industry. Similarly we don't necessarily use all of these with every client. We work with each client individually to gain insight and understand the KPIs needed to provide effective reporting to facilitate strategic planning. 

The short guide covers the basics of the following 

  • Budgeted spend vs actual spend
  • On-time delivery of projects
  • Service levels / Average time to resolve a problem
  • Uptime vs planned and unplanned downtime
  • Recovery Point/Time Objectives
  • Mean time between failures
  • Mean time to recovery

Download the full guide here. To see this guide and more like it take a look on the resources and downloads pages.

Written by Adam Lewis

Adam's career in IT started in 1997 working in distribution. In 2005 he moved into SEO and e-commerce, more recently specialising in the Magento e-commerce platform. In 2020 he began to focus more on digital marketing and joined Aabyss to help with their growth.

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