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Records of 106 Million Travelers to Thailand Exposed

Posted by Adam Lewis | 24-Sep-2021 13:22:26

A gargantuan cache of data totalling over 200Gb has been exposed on the web, researchers from Comparitech report. Contained within the database were records of 106 million people who travelled into Thailand during the last decade. The database was first discovered on August 22nd 2021 at which point the operator of the database was immediately informed. This rapidly led to the Thai authorities being made aware of the issue.

The Thai authorities were quick to acknowledge the issue and swiftly take action to secure the data which included:

  • Passenger Date of Arrival in Thailand
  • Full Name
  • Passport number
  • Thai residency status
  • Sex
  • Visa status
  • Thai arrival card number

Much of this data could be potentially embarrassing as there will be many people who wish to keep their travel arrangements and residency status private. No financial details where exposed in the breach and nor were any direct contact details.

This is the second breach of data within 4 months regarding people who have traveled to Thailand after the Canadian government alerting its citizens to a Thai government website breach. That leak contained the name and passport details of tourist arrivals who had signed up to the Thailand COVID-19 vaccine programme with the names and passport numbers of those registered. 


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Written by Adam Lewis

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