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T-Mobile breach reported, over 40 million records exposed

Posted by Adam Lewis | 20-Aug-2021 12:34:06

Mobile telecoms giant T-Mobile are the latest high profile cyberattack victim with hackers stealing a huge cache of customer data reportedly including US social security number and driving licence information among other key personal details. This breach only affects their USA customers data and UK customers are not currently thought to be at risk.

In a statement on their website, T-Mobile have confirmed that the hacked data includes 7.8 million records of current customer accounts and also 40 million records of former and prospective customers who had previously applied for credit with the firm.

In their detailed press release of the breach the firm confirmed that, among other things, first and last names, date of birth and driver's licence/ID information had been exposed in the hack. They were clear, however, that no customer financial details, credit card, debit or other payment information was obtained.

They have set up a notice and information page to keep customers up to date and provide information on recommended actions to take in light of the breach.




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Written by Adam Lewis

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