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Technology End of Service - 3 Myths

Posted by Aaron Hayes. | 23-Jan-2023 14:51:57

Technology End of Service - 3 Myths.

Cybercriminals can quite easily infiltrate your network if your software and hardware are not kept up to date.

Keeping your estate up to date is crucial to keep your security in tip-top shape and reduce downtime.

If you are using and continue to use unsupported systems, you are leaving the door unlocked for potential attacks and you may also be hindering your company’s success, growth, and reputation.

In this blog, Aabyss present 3 myths concerning end of service and debunks them for you.


Myth #1 

If it's not broken then don't fix or replace it.


This one goes without saying but although we have all heard the phrase if it’s not broken then don’t fix it the team at Aabyss does not agree with this when it comes to your hardware and software.

By ignoring that your software and hardware are out of date, you risk all kinds of security nightmares, including bugs and other issues.

New software and hardware packages usually include security patches that keep you safe from cyberattacks moreover new packages have modern and up-to-date features that help and not hinder you.

Don’t be tempted to skip an update you could be starting a chain of events that won’t bode well for your organisation/reputation.



Myth #2

End of Life means that the product will no longer exist.

Although the product may very well still be available, it will not receive any security updates or new features.

You will not receive any support from the manufacturer this means your organisation will be open to cyber-attacks and from an operational point of view your team members may not be able to efficiently keep up with their workload.



Myth #3

I can still use the product until it breaks, right?

If your product has reached its end of life please remember that nothing is built to last forever and your software and hardware are no exception.

Running end-of-life products is a bad idea on so many levels but a big concern are the costs that can rack up as a result of running end-of-life/end-of-service products in your estate.

If you are a large organisation and the thought of replacing a few licenses fills you with dread then imagine your servers coming to their end of life and breaking down, the cost would be a considerable and unnecessary stress on both you and your business.


How can Aabyss help?

We can help you by protecting your organisation from the dangers and pitfalls of end-of-life and end-of-Support.

We can draw up a strategy that will let you plan ahead so that you can avoid the overwhelming pitfalls associated with running end-of-life software and hardware.

Reach out to Aabyss today. 


0151 318 9780


Want to learn more? Download our FREE checklist "How Technology Reaching End of Service Can Impact Your Business" by clicking the image below:

How Technology Reaching End of Service Impacts Your Business

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Written by Aaron Hayes.

I am the marketing manager at Aabyss and enjoy all things tech. I am responsible for marketing activities and maintaining a watchful eye on marketing trends and insights. As a chartered marketer and fellowship member of CIM, I am passionate about giving back to the marketing community and inspiring the next generation of marketers. In addition, I am passionate about the great outdoors, video games, and 80s TV shows, and my guilty pleasure is my Hawaiian shirt collection.

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