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What is the real key to productivity in your business?

Posted by Jack Whisker | 20-Nov-2017 10:45:00

There is a common belief among business professionals that technology is a key part of the future for successful companies and industries. Productivity and employee engagement are also vital to any company’s success, and emerging technologies are capitalising on these industry needs.

With proper IT infrastructure in place, companies can identify and measure organisational challenges before strategically planning for improved results. Technology and productivity go hand in hand together but its how your employees embrace this that is the real catalyst.

By managing the relationship between employees and new technology in your business this can rapidly improve how emotionally invested your staff are in your organisation and how much they believe in the company’s mission. 

Communicating with your staff about what technologies can enable them to perform to a higher standard or giving them the appropriate training so that they can progress will ultimately let you and your employees reap the benefits in the long-term. 

Gallup conducted research which suggests companies with higher levels of engagement report 22% higher productivity, therefore giving your employees the right tools and the correct technology can benefit many aspects of your business through the chain.

Here are some useful tips for boosting the relationship between technology and your employees: 5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement Through Technology.


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Written by Jack Whisker

Experienced Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Social Media, Marketing, Management, and Time Management. Strong professional, future graduate from Liverpool Hope University.

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