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Growth Starts with Goals!

Posted by Greg Jones | 14-Jan-2019 11:41:55

The new year has been ushered in and we have found ourselves with another 365 opportunities in which to fulfil our aspirations. Figuratively speaking, most people take the new year as an opportunity to experience a rebirth of sorts.

New diet, new hobbies, new values, new standards, new objectives. All admirable and essential if we are to evolve and grow, but they all represent aspirations and not, reality!

What has to happen? We have to transform an idea into a reality that actually bears fruit and the most powerful tool we have to achieve this, is goal setting!

Intelligent goal setting is what allows us to take our one stone weight loss aspiration and transform it into a reality. For example, by losing just over a pound a week for around three months, we can take an arduous task and implement it safely and sustainably.

In business our goal is the exact opposite, not loss, but growth! However, the same logic applies! We can’t merely demand growth without implementing a feasible plan to get us from point A (aspiration), to point B (reality).

Now we know how many diet pledges play out, the first few weeks are great, after some time you hit a plateau, you lose both confidence in your plan and motivation to reach your goal, before subsequently abandoning it altogether.

The problem may be little, to no plan in the first place, or maybe the wrong insights or practices at the wrong time. If both a nutritionist and personal trainer had been present to support the individual's aspirations, the outcome would look remarkably different. It would likely be a reality.

Smart, specific goals that are attainable would have been drawn up, with the best practices and insights provided and implemented at the correct time.

In business we see a similar phenomenon. Growth is often the one goal that features consistently, across the board in the overwhelming majority of companies. Yet, we see like a new year diet, a credible, goal-based plan that leverages best practices and insights simply isn’t presented to support this aspiration.

Now, in today’s digitally dominated business environment, growth is a multi-faceted goal, comprised of many constituent parts. For both FD’s and CEO’s technology is often one of those overlooked constituent parts. However, its transformative power, its ability to automate, streamline, trim budgets and unlock previously allocated funds to pour into new ventures is irrefutable.

If growth spurred through technological innovation is a goal of your organisation, then having a technology partner with a fully costed and comprehensive business strategy, to help guide you from point A to B, successfully and efficiently is essential.

But why a technology partner? As digitisation takes place, businesses will become more beholden to it, fact. Its little wonder that 69% of UK businesses feel they will cease to exist if they don’t embrace digital transformation. The result is that half of all UK businesses will now spend £100k or more on digital transformation over the next two years (1). A fantastic investment but one that is long overdue and comes with inherent risk.

With technology changing rapidly, in performance, price, format and design every year it is an arduous task trying to decide, never mind confidently know which investment is going to stretch ROI as far as possible, while minimising investment costs and risk. We need to be sure our investment translates to growth.

Having a partner, who can correctly identify and fully leverage the transformative power of technology in today’s digital world is essential. They should set the correct goals, that are both ambitious but achievable. More crucially, they should provide you with the proper practices, tools and accurate insights, to help you consistently achieve them the first time around.

Just as a nutritionist and personal trainer would help transform a client’s aspiration of weight loss into a reality. Here at Aabyss we are the only IT company that guarantees results using our proven 3PT® Framework.

We help our clients transform their aspiration of growth into reality through industry-leading strategic planning.

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(1) 'Half of businesses will spend more than £100k on digital transformation in next two years' https://www.itpro.co.uk/business-strategy/32446/half-of-businesses-will-spend-more-than-100k-on-digital-transformation-in

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Written by Greg Jones

Greg's role as CTO is to ensure our clients have a clear-cut IT strategy, that helps them establish a competitive advantage over any competition. Greg works with executives and business owners to improve efficiency, reduce exposure to risk and stimulate growth.

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