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Greg Jones

Greg's role as CTO is to ensure our clients have a clear-cut IT strategy, that helps them establish a competitive advantage over any competition. Greg works with executives and business owners to improve efficiency, reduce exposure to risk and stimulate growth.

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Aabyss - Dark Web Experience

on 03-Jun-2019 12:43:50 By | Greg Jones | 0 Comments | IT News
Have you ever wondered about the Dark Web or would you like to see a LIVE disaster demo? Why not spend a morning exploring the Dark Web in a safe and secure environment with Aabyss!
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Aabyss Ltd & Tandem Systems Ltd Announce Merger

on 01-Mar-2019 13:28:07 By | Greg Jones | 1 Comment | Aabyss News
Aabyss Limited announces the merger of Aabyss’ and Tandem Systems Limited’s business operations. As Aabyss welcomes Tandem’s clients into the larger company, it also embraces the employees who are joining the Aabyss family.
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Growth Starts with Goals!

on 14-Jan-2019 11:41:55 By | Greg Jones | 0 Comments | Strategy
The new year has been ushered in and we have found ourselves with another 365 opportunities in which to fulfil our aspirations. Figuratively speaking, most people take the new year as an opportunity to experience a rebirth of sorts. New diet, new hobbies, new values, new standards, new objectives. All admirable and essential if we are to evolve and grow, but they all represent aspirations and not, reality!
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Merry Christmas From Aabyss!

on 10-Dec-2018 17:05:43 By | Greg Jones | 0 Comments | Aabyss News
Now the Aabyss Christmas tree is up and just before the social media platforms get bombarded with Christmas post’s we would like to get this out!
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Festive Fraud!

on 07-Dec-2018 13:50:43 By | Greg Jones | 0 Comments | Cybersecurity Tips & Tricks
As the hustle and bustle of Christmas kicks in, make sure you don’t fall prey to festive fraud! A recent report by Action Fraud found that last year 15,024 people were conned out of £11 million by fraudsters over the Christmas period!
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Why decent guest WiFi is a necessity

on 08-Jun-2016 15:20:04 By | Greg Jones | 0 Comments | Hospitality Managed Service WiFi
As a hotelier, you've probably noticed that what hotel guests expect when traveling away from home has changed considerably over recent years. Whereas an en suite bathroom, for example, was once considered a luxurious ‘extra’, most hotels now provide this facility as standard. By the same token, Wi-Fi is now an expected feature of a hotel stay and most guests would be surprised (and more than a little annoyed) if an efficient guest Wi-Fi service was not provided.
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