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Introducing the SME Digital Growth Peer Network

Posted by Andrew Allen | 16-Feb-2022 13:13:25

Aabyss are launching a new program bringing together SMEs in the Liverpool city region to help drive growth through technology innovation. The SME Digital Growth Peer Network will be exploring technology strategy with 10 powerful questions that boards should be asking. We will be exploring these questions over the coming weeks both on-line and via a series of peer networking events.


With the right technology in place, UK firms can give themselves the best chance of adapting to changing market conditions and realising growth ambitions. This series will be exploring ten things to consider before you invest. 


New technology can be exciting, a top priority and essential to gaining an edge in the marketplace—but it can also be a risky investment. The technology you acquire today may be obsolete before the sun rises tomorrow. You might worry that you’ll make a short-sighted compromise that leaves everyone scratching their heads as to why the tools you invested in are not delivering as intended. You might even clash with frustrated employees who think their jobs are under threat.


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For most SME boards, managing these risks is not a technology problem: it’s a mindset problem. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the things you don’t know about technology when the technology itself is only one part of the story. There are bigger factors involved in a successful business innovation project, such as the activities of customers, competitors and staff.


As for the rest, you just have to ask the right questions. But which questions? Below are 10 insightful queries that will help expose uncertain aspects of your projects, and help you understand the true business-driven value that technology represents.



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Written by Andrew Allen

My personal and business life. I am lucky to have supportive friends and family, and although I am competitive, I try to put others first. I am an active Rotarian, helping support local and international charities. As a former member of Mountain Rescue, I enjoy spending time with my family in the mountains. We regularly travel to experience new cultures and cuisine; I’m a bit of a foodie! In my day job as Chief Executive, I am responsible for ensuring we stay true to our purpose and values. In a strategic capacity, I am also responsible for developing relationships with key partners and major accounts. I love working with ambitious, growing companies who want to challenge themselves and the status quo. Technology, when properly leveraged, can help an organisation differentiate and beat their competition. It's a real joy to make a difference.

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